Sanatan Dharma and Bollywood Clash Unveiling Truth with Mandali

Sanatan Dharma


In an intriguing episode of RealTalk Season 02, titled “Bollywood Vs Sanatan Dharma, Shree Ram, RamLeela, and Mandali,” we witness a compelling conversation featuring Rajneesh, Aanchal, Vineet, and Abhishek. This discussion sheds light on the often contentious relationship between Bollywood’s portrayal of Sanatan Dharma and the authentic essence of these ancient teachings.

The Essence of Sanatan Dharma and Its Misrepresentation

The podcast kicks off with an exploration of Sanatan Dharma’s depth and its frequent misinterpretation or oversimplification in popular media. The guests discuss how Bollywood’s portrayals can sometimes dilute or misrepresent the profound narratives of texts like Ramayana, leading to public confusion or dissatisfaction.

The Making of ‘Mandali’: A Theatrical Dive into RamLeela

‘Mandali’ emerges as a theatrical response to the challenge of authentically representing Sanatan Dharma’s narratives within the constraints of modern cinema. The film aims to bridge the gap between traditional RamLeela performances and contemporary Bollywood storytelling, offering a fresh perspective on the tale of Ram.

The Star Casts Insight: Blending Tradition with Modernity

The cast of ‘Mandali’ shares their experiences and insights into the making of a film that seeks to respect the sanctity of Sanatan Dharma while appealing to today’s audience. They discuss the importance of maintaining the essence of the stories of deities like Shree Ram, even as they adapt these tales for a new generation.


This episode offers a thought-provoking look at the challenges and responsibilities of representing Sanatan Dharma in Bollywood. Through the lens of ‘Mandali’ and its star cast, listeners gain an understanding of the delicate balance between preserving cultural and spiritual integrity and embracing the evolution of storytelling mediums. It’s a testament to the enduring power of these ancient narratives and their capacity to inspire, teach, and resonate across ages.

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