Unveiling Secrets of Sanatan Dharma and Haunted Temples

Sanatan Dharma and Haunted Temples


In this intriguing episode from RealHit, the enigmatic world of Hindu temples and the supernatural elements of Sanatan Dharma are explored. The podcast, which has attracted over 1.1 million views, delves into the mystical and often misunderstood aspects of Hindu culture.

The Haunted Temples of India

The episode highlights various haunted temples in India, known for their eerie atmospheres and otherworldly experiences. These temples, steeped in legend and folklore, captivate with stories of paranormal activities and unexplained phenomena.

Understanding Sanatan Dharma

Sanatan Dharma, or the eternal way of life, is discussed in depth. The podcast sheds light on the fundamental principles of this ancient religion, exploring how it intertwines with the supernatural and the mystical.

The Supernatural Courts of Bhooton Ki Adalat

One of the most fascinating parts of the episode is the discussion of ‘Bhooton Ki’Adalat’—supernatural courts where spirits are said to be judged and dealt with. This unique concept reflects the deep-rooted belief in the afterlife and spiritual justice in Hinduism.

Decoding the Mysteries of Ancient Temples

The podcast also takes a deep dive into the mysteries surrounding ancient Hindu temples. It discusses how these temples are not just places of worship but also repositories of ancient knowledge, astrology, and spiritual energy.


This RealHit episode offers a mesmerizing journey into the mystical aspects of Hinduism, from haunted temples to the profound teachings of Sanatan Dharma. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of religion, spirituality, and the supernatural.

To experience these intriguing tales of the unknown, watch the full episode on RealHit’s YouTube channel here.

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