Some Interesting Conversations with B Praak: Ghost Encounters and Punjabi Industry

B Praak

We did an interesting podcast with B Praak and had some fun conversations. We learnt a lot about the Punjabi Industry and his life in the music industry.

Life of B Praak:

B Praak belonged to a family of music directors. He was born and brought up in chandigarh.  His entire family is into music and they were all self-made. He worked at a club at a salary of 3000 only. He got his singing talent from his mother and his high notes from his grandfather. He has worked really hard in making his own path into the music industry and he has achieved this place all because of his hardwork and dedication. He aims to grow much bigger in life and is still working hard to reach that position with his partner in working.

New songs of B Praak 2023:

B Praak has released many songs in the year 2023. You can search online on google while looking for his new songs. Some of his new songs are kya loge tum, kuch bhi ho jaye, filhaal, farishtey and many others. He loves creating songs on sad emotion, romantic and breakup songs. He believes that these genres of songs are evergreen and he is the voice of all those people who have faced heart breaks in their lives. He loves being the voice of those people and helping them in one way or the other. 

Ghost Encounters faced by B Praak:

Few years back, B Praak and some of his friends faced a serious ghost encounter while they were on a trip in the mountains. It was around late midnight when they returned to the hotel and 3 people went to get some tea. There one person among the three talked with a strange man while sitting on the tea stall. While returning back to the hotel, serious and weird incidents started occurring among them. The influence of the ghost was so much that B Praak was going to jump from the 3rd floor but was saved by someone from the group. This incident shook them so much that they returned to their homes on the same night. For a detailed story, refer to the B Praak podcast on realhit youtube channel

B Praak’s belief in God:

B Praak strongly believes in the blessings of god in his life. He has never harmed any other person nor disrespected someone else’s work. He believes that you cannot proceed further to success in life by disturbing or being dishonest to someone else. You have to be honest in your personal and professional life only then you can succeed in your lives. Set your aim to achieve big in life only then you will create your path on your own. If someone asks you how’s work, always say everything is good because of God’s blessings. Only then everything will run well. 

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  • What is B Praak’s latest song 2023?

The list of his latest songs is huge. Some of them are kya loge tum, kuch bhi ho jaye, filhaal, farishtey.

  • Is B Praak married?

Yes, he is married

  • What is the real name of B Praak?

His real name is Pratik Bachan.

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