Unveiling the Unknown: 6 Surprising Facts about the Indian Army

Unveiling the Unknown: Surprising Facts about the Indian Army:-

Introduction: The Indian Army is a highly respected military force known for its size and accomplishments. However, beyond the well-known stories of bravery and heroism, there are several fascinating facts about the Indian Army that are not widely known. In this blog, we will explore some of these lesser-known but intriguing facts, offering a glimpse into the incredible world of the Indian Army.

Unveiling the Unknown: Surprising Facts about the Indian Army:-

we also held a talk with Rajeev Bharwan, a veteran Indian Army officer who has served in Assam, Manipur and J&K and now runs his own training academy, Soldier Unplugged. In it we discussed about Terrorist Encounters, War Stories and Reality Of Indian Army

Unveiling the Unknown: Surprising Facts about the Indian Army

The Indian Army in Extreme Conditions:

India is home to some of the highest mountains in the world, and the Indian Army has a significant presence in these challenging terrains. The Siachen Glacier, often referred to as the highest battlefield in the world, sees Indian soldiers stationed at altitudes above 20,000 feet. They brave freezing temperatures and treacherous terrain to protect the nation’s borders.

The Indian Army’s Contributions to Peacekeeping:

The Indian Army actively participates in United Nations peacekeeping missions and is known for its significant contributions. India consistently ranks among the largest troop-contributing countries to UN peacekeeping operations. Indian soldiers have served in conflict zones such as Congo, Sudan, and Lebanon, playing a crucial role in promoting peace and stability globally.

Strength in Diversity:

The Indian Army takes great pride in its diversity. Soldiers come from various regions, religions, and ethnic backgrounds, representing the rich multicultural fabric of India. The army’s diverse composition fosters unity and strengthens its ability to handle a range of challenges effectively.

Women in the Indian Army:

The Indian Army has been actively working towards gender equality in its ranks. In 1992, it commissioned its first all-women contingent, called the “All-Women’s Officers’ Training Corps.” Since then, women have been breaking barriers and serving in combat and combat-support positions. Their inclusion has opened up new avenues and shown the army’s commitment to inclusivity.

The Elite Parachute Regiment:

The Parachute Regiment is one of the most prestigious units in the Indian Army, known for its distinctive maroon berets. This elite regiment specializes in high-risk airborne operations and has played a vital role in various conflicts and rescue missions. The rigorous training and unmatched skills of the Parachute Regiment make them a formidable force.

The Battle Cry of the Kumaon Regiment:

The Kumaon Regiment, a highly celebrated infantry regiment, has a unique battle cry that instills fear in their enemies. Their famous war cry, “Kalika Mata ki Jai,” pays homage to the Hindu goddess Kali and represents the regiment’s indomitable spirit and fearlessness in the face of adversity.


The Indian Army’s reputation for bravery and dedication is widely acknowledged. However, exploring the lesser-known facts about this esteemed military force reveals a world of fascinating stories and remarkable achievements. From fighting in extreme altitudes to contributing to global peacekeeping efforts, the Indian Army continues to inspire admiration and respect. By highlighting these lesser-known facts, we hope to deepen appreciation for the sacrifices and accomplishments of the Indian Army and its remarkable soldiers.

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