Terrifying Encounter: Brahmrakshas’ Curse Unleashed



In a bone-chilling episode of RealHit, “Karnpishachni Or Brahmrakshas Se Bachne Ka Koi Upaye Nahi,” Prince Singh shares a terrifying real ghost story that explores the dark and mystical world of Brahmrakshas. This story takes us to Buxar district in Bihar, where the eerie presence of a Brahmrakshas haunts the inhabitants of Upadhyay Ka Tola, a village known for its scholarly Brahmins.

The Dark Legend of Brahmrakshas

Brahmrakshas, as Prince Singh explains, are the spirits of high-level scholars who, due to an untimely or unnatural death, transform into formidable entities. These spirits possess profound knowledge of the Vedas, Mantras, and Shlokas and are said to be nearly invincible, with a towering presence of 7-8 feet, covered in blood, and adorned with two menacing horns.

A Fateful Encounter: The Story Begins

The narrative unfolds with the story of Ramakant, a priest from the village, who, alongside his family, moves into a seemingly benign house shadowed by a massive peepal tree. Unbeknownst to them, this house harbours a secret linked to a Brahmrakshas, setting the stage for a series of supernatural events that defy explanation.

The Haunting of Upadhyay Ka Tola

As the family settles into their new home, they encounter inexplicable phenomena, from the mysterious inability to cook with garlic and onions to the horrifying vision of a Brahmrakshas manifesting itself. The entity’s presence becomes increasingly aggressive, culminating in the tragic and unexplainable death of Ramakant’s son, who is found hanging from the peepal tree.

The Rituals and The Revelation

In a desperate attempt to confront and appease the Brahmrakshas, Ramakant, guided by a local sadhu’s advice, embarks on a rigorous spiritual journey, invoking the protection of Bajrangbali (Lord Hanuman). Through 108 days of relentless prayer and rituals, Ramakant faces the ultimate test of faith, culminating in a direct encounter with the Brahmrakshas.


This story, as narrated by Prince Singh, offers a glimpse into the terrifying power of Brahmrakshas and the ancient rituals employed to counter such malevolent forces. It’s a testament to the enduring belief in the supernatural within Indian folklore and the lengths to which individuals will go to protect themselves and their loved ones from the unseen. This episode of RealHit not only captivates with its tale of horror but also illuminates the rich tapestry of beliefs and practices that define the spiritual landscape of India.

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