The Journey of Carryminati: From School to Being a Youtuber

CarryMinati Famous Indian Youtuber

Carryminati or Ajey Nagar is an Indian YouTuber who was born on 12 June 1999. Everyone knows him for his roasting and YouTube videos. Carryminati is one of the most famous and top-ranked YouTubers in India. 

Carryminati biography




Ajey Nagar 

Date of birth 

12 June 1999




Faridabad, Haryana India


Delhi public school 


Upto 12th standard 


Delhi public school 


CarryMinati, CarryisLive, CarryMinati Productions Official

Zodiac sign 





Youtuber, rapper, gaming 

Marriage status 


Net worth 

Rs. 41 Crore INR


About Carryminati’s life 

Carryminati lives in Faridabad with his family. Carryminati lives in a nuclear family along with his parents and an elder brother named Yash Nagar who is a guitarist and music composer. Carryminati is funny since his childhood and also he loves to explore new places. He is a popular YouTube star and at a very young age, he earned a lot of wealth. Carryminati has 38.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The public loves to watch Carryminati ‘s roasting and funny videos.

In 2014, when Carryminati started his career he had some 150 subscribers. He uploaded 150 videos on it for 2 years and he got 152,312 subscribers. After that, he dropped out of school and gave full time to YouTube videos. After so many ups and downs and financial problems, he attained success and became a top-ranked Youtuber in India

Carryminati roasted videos

BB ki Vines was the first roasted or reaction video of Carryminati. He got popular day by day through his popular roasted videos. Some of which are:

The Real-life Story of Carryminati 

Carryminati is not very talkative from the core of the heart, and not very much interested in studies. When he was in 12th standard he also had a fear that he might fail the economics exam. Then he told his father that he wants to do full-time on YouTube. Carryminati’s family was always supportive and appreciated his interest. Carryminati always did his work very enthusiastically. He had the skills to do work efficiently. Carry has been hard working since his childhood and makes videos from a very young age.

Carryminati’s content, style, cars, and bike collection

If we talk about Carryminati’s content style, carryminati’s Content is very different and unique among all YouTubers. Nowadays, reaction or roasting videos are trending. Carry is not so much interested in bikes and cars but he owns a luxurious collection of one Audi Q7 and the other one is Toyota Fortuner.

Success and fame

The first roasting video of Carryminati was about bhuvan bam. His first video came when he was eight years old, at that time the content was about sports like football but the audience did not like those videos very much. He improved himself regularly to earn a name and fame on his own.


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