The life story of Anurag Dwivedi

Life Journey Of Anurag Dwivedi

At the age of 21, when generally youngsters are unable to identify their skills, and confused about their career, do not prefer job-making decisions. Here is another name in front of us that makes money at such a young age. Yes, you saw that right; In this article we will discuss about the life of Anurag Dwivedi. He is famous on Instagram and other social media sites. Anurag has earned money in billions through a fantasy sports platform Dream 11. Also he is guiding people on how to earn money through fantasy application and other social media applications. 


Who is Anurag Dwivedi?


Anurag Dwivedi is a fantasy cricket expert or we should say the fantasy king due to having a wealth of knowledge in cricket, it’s a huge time lapse and work to become a professional in the fantasy world.


Anurag Dwivedi was born on 12 September 1999, in Unnao district of Nawabganj where he spent his childhood along with his parents. He is currently residing  in Lucknow. He completed his education from City Montessori school up to 12th standard. Anurag Dwivedi lives a High-end lifestyle with a net worth of INR 50-60 crore and his monthly income is INR 20-30 lakh. He believes in working and taking risks no matter what the consequences will be, his only focus is to perform the best in the next match. He does the planning with full attention and believes in retrieving the lost amount from the next match. Other than this he loves playing games, exploring new places, and riding cars.


Car collection of Anurag Dwivedi :


Ford Endeavour 

Mahindra Thar

BMW Z4 M40i

BMW 7 Series

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

What makes him luxurious and popular?

His mindset on the fantasy world which he followed since his childhood makes him luxurious.

Anurag Dwivedi talks with the RealHit podcast team

Recently, RealHit team members have released a podcast with Anurag Dwivedi, in which he shares his journey toward the world of fantasy and predictions. Anurag said he has had an interest in cricket since his childhood. He attained lots of knowledge through the playing skills of players, sometimes he predicted the match too. He shares his knowledge of making money through the fantasy world along with his team of experts. To know more about this topic and learn how to get money through the fantasy world, go watch the RealHit podcast on YouTube channel. 


To know more updates about Anurag Dwivedi you can join such social media sites given below:

follow Anurag Dwivedi on various social sites like Instagram. You can also follow him on his Twitter account for his daily updates. Earn money through fantasy Platform My11 Circle app. Through this you can win an iPhone for 1 rupee.



  • Who is the most famous fantasy expert in India?

Pratap Singh Rathod is the biggest cricket fantasy expert in India 

  • What is the name of Anurag Dwivedi’s team in Dream 11?

The team Anurag Dwivedi made on Dream 11 is Annucricxpert 


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