The miracles of Vrindavan


As we all know about the embracing city Vrindavan of lord KRISHNA, Shree Krishna doesn’t need any introduction. We all are aware of his spirituality and playful activities which he performed during his childhood in his eighth incarnation. In this article, we cover the mysticism and spirituality of Vrindavan Dham with dedicated preacher Indresh Upadhyaya.  

Unlisted facts about Vrindavan Dham  

I have full faith that you will be surprised to know that Vrindavan is not created by Brahma ji as its other creations, it is an imagination of Kishori ji which was fulfilled by Shree Krishna. There are beautiful temples like Prem Mandir, Shree Banke Bihari Mandir, Iskcon temple, and many more, where you will experience his spirituality while exploring these places. People believe that Nidhivan Vrindavan is a place where Lord Krishna still comes to do playful activities with Kishori ji in a mysterious manner. So if you are planning to visit Vrindavan Dham keep this in your mind that this is not a tourist place or a selfie spot to enjoy, this is a subject of feeling and emotions. 

Story of Vrindavan Shree Banke Bihari Ji 

There is a beautiful story behind the existence of Shree Banke Bihari ji, it is believed that the idol of Shree Banke Bihari ji in Vrindavan was manifested by the great devotee of Shree Krishna, Swami Haridas ji. 

What differentiates Bhagwat Geeta and Bhagavad Katha? 

Some people have misconceptions that Bhagwat Geeta and Bhagavad Katha both are the same paths of enlightenment but Bhagwat Geeta is what Shri Krishna taught Arjuna during the Mahabharata, together with this Bhagavad Katha is a broad epic that contains 18,000 verses and a brief explanation. 

How Indresh Ji communicates with Shree Bihari ji 

Communicating with Shree Krishna is a subject of considering or discussing something. Aacharya Indresh ji has his spiritual way to communicate with Shree Bihari ji. Like Acharya Indresh ji passes four slips in which he mentioned four options to Shree Krishna and the note closest to the idol, Indresh ji will consider it as Bihari ji’s Approval. According to preacher Indresh Upadhyaya, it is not easy to experience these miracles but Bhakti can be acquired by regular practice and memorizing god.  

Attachments cause depression  

Indresh Upadhyaya in Bhagwat Katha says that attachment is the main reason for depression, and spirituality is what gets rid of this depression. Indresh Upadhyaya taught that people are attached to temporary things, God gives us a little bit of happiness, it doesn’t mean that we should make it our own. Instead, we should adopt spiritual life and get motivated as well. 


The entire article would be summarized with the fact that logically Hindu Dharma is a Science as science has different teachers for each subject like physics and chemistry to make it understandable, similarly Sanatana Dharma has different gods for a specific lesson. Like Shree Krishna taught us Love and emotions, Brahma ji and Sarasvati are known for their knowledge, and Laxmi ji is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. This shows that God exists. 

To get more detailed videos you can visit the realhit podcast on Vrindavan. To connect with Indresh ji for Bhagwat Katha, you can click on the link. 



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