Tips and Tricks to improve your English Skills

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English is the most common language spoken in the world.  17% of the world’s population speaks english. But, do you belong to this 17% or are you struggling to speak english?

Improve your english language

From a young age, we are taught to speak in our mother tongue but as we grow up we find it difficult to learn a new language. In the professional world, English is a must and is marked as a requirement by every employer. Now, to improve your english there are various tips and tricks that you can follow from a very young age:

  • Start reading english novels
  • Start watching english movies
  • Listen to english songs
  • Try to converse in english everyday

Now, when i say watch english movies, that doesn’t have to be every single day. You can watch a movie in your leisure time with subtitles. Initially, you will face difficulty in understanding the accent and that’s what subtitles are for. Read the subtitles side by side. Soon, you will start getting the hang of the english accent in the movie and you will be able to understand without the subtitles. Reading novels will help you in expanding your vocabulary and some good synonyms in it.

How to improve your English accent?

Improving your English accent requires practice, endurance, and consistent attempt. Here are some steps you could comply with to help you improve your English accessory:


  • Listen Actively: Pay close interest to native English speakers. Listen to diverse accents, which include British, American, Australian, or Canadian, to get a feel for the differences in pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.
  • Immerse Yourself: Surround yourself with English as much as possible. Watch movies, TV shows, news, and pay attention to podcasts or audiobooks in English. This exposure will help you grow to be more familiar with the sounds and rhythms of the language.


  • Mimic Native Speakers: Practice mimicking the local audio system. Try to copy their pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. You can do that at the same time as watching TV or listening to podcasts. Pay interest to how they are saying words and terms.
  • Practice Pronunciation: Focus on the sounds which can be hard for you. Use online resources, pronunciation guides, or language learning apps that provide audio examples and physical activities for specific sounds.
  • Record Yourself: Record your speech and compare it to native speakers. This will assist you perceive areas wherein you need development. Many smartphones have voice recording apps that you may use for this purpose.
  • Take Pronunciation Classes: Consider enrolling in pronunciation lessons or running with a language coach who makes a speciality of accent discount. They can offer personalized guidance and feedback.


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