Traveling to dangerous countries: A Story by passenger Paramvir

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Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, as we explore the unmapped domains of traveling and bring you insights that will leave your mind enriched and your curiosity ignited. So today’s guest Passenger Paramvir is here with us. By knowing about his travel experiences, you will feel a sense of adventure and happiness.

Let’s know about Passenger Paramvir

Passenger Paramvir or Paramvir Singh Beniwal was born on 1 January 1997, Hisar Haryana. Paramvir is a Vlogger, traveler, and social media influencer. He completed his graduation and pursued a Master’s in travel and tourism from Hindu College, Delhi University.

Passion towards Travel

In the Realhit podcast, Paramvir shared his Journey of traveling and unforgettable memories. He loves to explore new places and knows its specialty since childhood. It is not necessary that while traveling, you will always experience a pleasant feeling, possibly unexpected strange things might happen to you. 

Solo traveling is full of adventure and thrill. Until you are not harmed or nothing wrong happens to you.


 Traveling alone can be quite risky for you. Generally, solo travelers face safety risks such as.

  • Diseases and illnesses (mental health)
  • Safety and corruption
  • Scams
  • Your budget can vary while roaming in expensive countries.

He explored several countries, including Somalia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Germany. Where people might be less educated, but kind and friendly by nature. He learned about different tribes and he came to know the things that differentiate Americans from Europeans.

Difference between Americans and Europeans 

Americans don’t pay as much attention to the environment. Somehow they will use plastic and also spread garbage. They are a bit crazy, they do whatever comes to their mind. On the other hand, Europeans are quite eco-friendly and would not do things that will harm the environment.

Places including in his travel journey 

Paramvir loves to explore the places where generally no one wants to go. Like, the  countries facing war, places that were banned by the government, Poor countries, and countries that faced a crisis. Paramvir has explored more than 60 countries across the world. Get to know more about solo traveling and exploring new places stay tuned with the PassengerParamvir YouTube channel. 

Experience shared by Paramvir through the Realhit podcast 

While sharing in the interview Paramvir mentioned that, he has seen different cultures from around the world, but he feels that Indian culture is the best. Indians are the perfect example of simplicity and appreciation, that makes them Unique from others. In foreign countries you cannot expect any good in return for your good deeds, that shows the unseen reality of the other countries.


Travel gives us our greatest stories, our most treasured memories, and countless irreplaceable learnings that we can choose to stay ahead of others. The realm of travel experiences not only enriches the journey but also transforms it into a wonderful feeling where each interaction, destination, weaves together to create a story that is as engaging as it is authentically personal.

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