Big Face Reveal

Irfan Pathan surprised fans by sharing a picture with his wife, Safa Baig, with her face uncovered for the first time on social media.

8th Anniversary Celebration

The couple celebrated their 8th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in their marriage. Safa had previously maintained a private public appearance, always wearing a niqab.

Heartfelt Note by Irfan

Irfan shared a heartfelt note on Instagram, expressing his love and appreciation for Safa, highlighting her roles as a mood booster, comedian, troublemaker, and the mother of his children.

Who is Safa Baig?

Safa Baig was a renowned model in East Asia before marrying Irfan. She was born in Saudi Arabia and has also worked as a journalist.

Marriage at 21

Safa decided to halt her professional career in 2016 following her marriage to Irfan Pathan.

First Meeting

The couple first met in 2014 at a social gathering and dated for two years before tying the knot in Mecca in December 2016.

10-Year Age Gap

At the time of their marriage, Safa was 21 years old, making her 10 years younger than Irfan.

Family Life

Safa Baig and Irfan Pathan have been blessed with two sons, Imran Khan and Suleiman, enjoying a fulfilling family life.