Flash Notification

For a quieter notification option, your phone's flash can blink for new alerts, offering a less intrusive way to stay updated.

Apps Side-By-Side

Multitask efficiently with the ability to run two apps simultaneously on your screen, either side-by-side or top-and-bottom.

One-Handed Mode

Google's custom keyboard for Pixel phones includes a one-handed mode, simplifying use for larger smartphones.

Cast Your Phone Screen

Chromecast allows you to enjoy your phone's content on a TV screen, easily connecting through Wi-Fi for a larger viewing experience.

Notification History

Never miss an important notification again with access to your phone's notification log, retrievable through the settings shortcut widget.

Smart Lock

Disable your phone lock in trusted places by enabling Smart Lock and adding locations, devices, and stereo units Google recognizes as safe.

App Pinning

Maintain privacy when lending your phone by pinning an app, restricting access to that app only until unpinned.