Description: Bharat is a traditional name for India, rooted in Hindu mythology. It is named after King Bharata, an ancestor of key figures in sacred texts.


Description: Aryavarta translates to "Land of the Aryans" and historically referred to the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts.


Description: Derived from Persian, Hindustan means "Land of the Indus" and has historically been used to denote the Indian subcontinent.


Description: Tenjiku, meaning "Heaven," was historically used by some East Asian cultures to refer to the Indian subcontinent.


Description: Jambudweep denotes a place where the jambu (Syzygium cumini) tree thrives. The term, rooted in the concept of "dvipa" (island or continent), was employed by Emperor Ashoka to symbolize his territory.