Zambia's Progressive Step

Since 2015, Zambia has been ahead of the curve, offering female employees a day off each month for menstrual leave, no questions asked.

Zambia's Bold Move: 1 Day Menstrual Leave Every Month!

Taiwan's Unique Policy

In a landmark decision in 2013, Taiwan granted women three days of paid menstrual leave annually, setting a new standard for workplace equality.

Taiwan's Game-Changing Law: 3 Paid Menstrual Days

South Korea's Menstrual Leave

Since 2001, South Korean women have been entitled to a day off each month for menstrual reasons, with penalties for employers who deny this right

South Korea's Unpaid Menstrual Leave: A Step Forward

Philippines' Menstrual Law

The 2019 Menstrual Leave Law in the Philippines grants women two days of paid leave each month, a significant win for women's rights.

Philippines Leads with 2 Days Paid Menstrual Leave!

Spain's Historic Legislation

Spain made history as the first European country to offer paid leave for period pain, aiming to end the stigma of menstrual discomfort at work.

Spain's Trailblazing Period Pain Leave Law!

 Indonesia's Menstrual Rights

Since 2003, Indonesian women have had the legal right to two days of paid menstrual leave, though enforcement varies across workplaces.

Indonesia's Menstrual Leave: 2 Days of Empowerment

Japan's Longstanding Law

Japan's menstrual leave policy, dating back to 1947, allows women to take as much time as needed, with some companies offering paid leave.

Japan's 1947 Menstrual Leave Law: Pioneering Change!

Vietnam's Unique Approach

Vietnamese women are entitled to three days of menstrual leave monthly, with additional breaks or compensation for those who don't take leave

Vietnam's Innovative Menstrual Leave Policy!


These eight countries are setting a global example by recognizing and accommodating women's menstrual health needs in the workplace.

Menstrual Leaves Around the World: Leading the Change!