A Quarter of iPhones to be Made in India!

In a major shift in global manufacturing, Apple and its suppliers aim to produce over 50 million iPhones annually in India within the next two to three years.

Apple's Game-Changing Move

India Set to Become an iPhone Manufacturing Powerhouse!

This ambitious plan positions India to account for a quarter of all iPhone production globally, marking a significant shift from China's dominance.

India's Rising Role

Apple's Bold Leap Over India's Business Hurdles!

Despite facing challenges like infrastructure and labor rules, Apple's increasing reliance on India highlights its strategic move to diversify production.

 Overcoming Challenges

Foxconn's Mega Factories in India: The New iPhone Hubs!

Taiwan-based Foxconn, a key Apple supplier, is spearheading this expansion with new mega factories in Karnataka and plans for more.

Foxconn's Expansion

India's Exclusive Role in Apple's Future Products!

For the first time, India will host the manufacturing stage for lower-end iPhones, a role previously exclusive to China.

New Product Introduction in India

India's iPhone Production to Skyrocket!

With expanded production at existing plants and new facilities, Apple's annual iPhone capacity in India could soar to 60 million units in a few years.

Production Capacity Surge

Foxconn's Billion-Dollar Bet on India's iPhone Production!

Foxconn's investment of over $1.5 billion in India, including for Apple production, signifies a major commitment to the country's manufacturing capabilities.

 Investment and Growth

Apple's Strategic Pivot: Reducing Dependence on China!

This move is part of a broader strategy by companies to reduce overreliance on China, with India emerging as a key alternative manufacturing hub.

Global Shift in iPhone Manufacturing

A New Era for Apple and India's Tech Landscape!

As Apple gears up to make a quarter of its iPhones in India, this marks a transformative moment for the tech giant and India's role in the global tech industry.