Astrology Secrets

Color Your Days for Success According to Vastu!

Monday: White

Embrace the purity and tranquility of White on Mondays, setting the tone for a peaceful and harmonious start to your week.

Tuesday: Red

Ignite your energy and passion by incorporating the bold and vibrant Red color into your Tuesday, fostering motivation and drive.

Wednesday: Green

Infuse your Wednesday with the refreshing and rejuvenating Green color, symbolizing growth, balance, and the healing power of nature.

Thursday: Yellow

On Thursdays, surround yourself with the radiant Yellow hue, a color known for enhancing wisdom, patience, and a positive outlook.

Friday: Pink or Light Blue

Step into Friday with the soft embrace of Pink or Light Blue, colors that signify love, compassion, and the blossoming of creative energies.

Saturday: Black or Purple

Saturdays call for the deep and mysterious allure of Black or Purple, reflecting transformation, introspection, and the inherent power within you.

Sunday: Orange or Gold

Bask in the warm glow of Orange or Gold on Sundays, symbolizing happiness, success, and the vibrant energy that accompanies a day of achievement.