Snake Plant

Snake plants have different varieties, and the smaller versions are perfect for shelf placement.

ZZ Plant (Zenzi)

The 'Zenzi' ZZ plant is a compact variety that peaks at about 12 inches tall and grows very slowly, making it ideal for shelves.

Golden Pothos

Pothos plants look great on shelves thanks to their trailing growth habit.

Jade Plant

Some jade plants are more compact and would look cute on any shelf.

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair ferns are delicate ferns that are fairly compact, growing about 12 inches tall at maturity.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants grow in a trailing or spreading manner and can withstand partial to low light, making them excellent for shelf placement.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns are known for being large, but smaller varieties fit well on shelves and grow well in partial to low light.

Peperomia Hope

Peperomia hope is a trailing plant that looks great hanging from any shelf.