Breaking News: Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jawan' Nominated for ASTRA Awards 2024!

Shah Rukh Khan's blockbuster 'Jawan' makes a grand entry into the international awards circuit with a nomination for Best International Film at the prestigious ASTRA Awards 2024.

SRK's 'Jawan' Competes on the World Stage!

'Jawan' stands tall among global cinema giants, competing with films like 'Concrete Utopia' from South Korea and other international masterpieces

Global Recognition

Hollywood's Nod to Bollywood's Finest

The Hollywood Creative Alliance, a renowned film critic organization, acknowledges 'Jawan's' cinematic excellence with this prestigious nomination.

The Hollywood Creative Alliance

From Box Office to Global Acclaim!

Released on September 7, 'Jawan' not only shattered box office records but also captivated audiences worldwide, leading to its nomination at the ASTRA Awards.

Jawan's Journey

SRK and Nayanthara's Stellar Performances!

Featuring powerhouse performances by Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara, 'Jawan' boasts of a stellar cast including Vijay Sethupathi and a special appearance by Deepika Padukone

Star-Studded Cast

Jawan' Creates Box Office History

Achieving the title of the third fastest ₹100 crore Hindi film, 'Jawan' has set new benchmarks in the Indian film industry.

Record-Breaking Success

'Jawan': A Pan-Indian Phenomenon!

Appealing to a diverse audience, 'Jawan' was released in multiple languages, including Tamil and Telugu, showcasing the film's universal appeal.

Multilingual Marvel

A Proud Moment for Indian Cinema!

As 'Jawan' gears up for the ASTRA Awards 2024, it marks a proud moment for Indian cinema on the global stage."