Indore and Surat (Tied for 1st Place):

Details: Indore and Surat share the top spot as the cleanest cities in India for the 7th consecutive year.

Navi Mumbai (2nd Place)

Details: Navi Mumbai ranks second, showcasing its commitment to cleanliness and urban management.

Vishakhapatnam (3rd Place)

Details: Vishakhapatnam secures the third position, reflecting its effective waste management and cleanliness initiatives.

Bhopal (4th Place)

Details: Bhopal ranks fourth, known for its green initiatives and sustainable urban development.

Vijayawada (5th Place)

Details: Vijayawada comes in fifth, with its efforts in maintaining cleanliness and improving public health.

New Delhi (NDMC Area) (6th Place)

Details: The NDMC area of New Delhi ranks sixth, highlighting its efficient waste management and sanitation practices.

Tirupati (7th Place)

Details: Tirupati ranks seventh, notable for its cleanliness, especially given its status as a major pilgrimage site.

Greater Hyderabad (8th Place)

Details: Greater Hyderabad is ranked eighth, recognized for its urban cleanliness and waste disposal systems.

Pune (9th Place)

Details: Pune secures the ninth position, known for its initiatives in solid waste management and environmental sustainability.