Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salomé reveals shocking predictions for 2024

Athos Salomé, often referred to as the "Living Nostradamus," has made a series of predictions for the year 2024, sparking interest and concern.

One of his alarming predictions for 2024 includes the rise of a "big brother state," hinting at increased surveillance and control.

Salomé specifically points out the advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly in enhancing surveillance capabilities through CCTV systems.

He raises concerns about the rapid development and implementation of facial recognition technologies, especially in countries like China and the United States.

A significant part of his prediction revolves around the future of privacy, which he believes will be greatly compromised by these technological advancements.

The predictions by Salomé have led to widespread discussions about the implications of surveillance technologies on civil liberties.

Increasing concerns are being voiced about the role of AI in eroding personal privacy, intensifying monitoring, and augmenting state control.

Salomé's predictions underscore the critical need to balance security needs and privacy rights in an era of rapidly advancing technology.