MasterChef India 2023: Mohammed Aashiq's Shocking Win!

In an incredible finale, 24-year-old Mohammed Aashiq triumphs in MasterChef India Season 8, bagging the prestigious title and a whopping Rs 25 lakh prize money.

Epic Culinary Battle: Aashiq vs. Top Contenders!

Witness the intense culinary showdown where Mohammed Aashiq emerged victorious against strong competitors Rukhsaar Sayeed, Nambie Jessica, and Suraj Thapa in the grand finale.

The Grand Finale Showdown

From Near Elimination to Champion: Aashiq's Remarkable Journey!

Explore Mohammed Aashiq's inspiring journey on MasterChef India, from facing elimination threats to clinching the title with his exceptional culinary skills.

A Journey of Resilience

Aashiq's Emotional Victory Speech: A Dream Realized!

Read about Mohammed Aashiq's heartfelt statement post-victory, expressing gratitude and reflecting on his transformative journey in the MasterChef kitchen.

The Winner's Statement

Judges Laud Aashiq's Culinary Mastery

Discover the praises showered by judges Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Pooja Dhingra on Aashiq's culinary artistry and his daring approach in the competition.

The Judges' Acclaim

Meet Mohammed Aashiq: Mangalore's Culinary Gem!

Get to know Mohammed Aashiq, hailing from Karnataka's Mangalore, and his journey from a passionate cook to a MasterChef champion.

Aashiq's Background

Honoring the Runner-Ups: Rukhsaar and Nambie's Stellar Performances!

Celebrate the achievements of the first runner-up Rukhsaar Sayeed and second runner-up Nambie Jessica, who showcased exceptional culinary talents throughout the season.

The Runner-Ups

MasterChef India 2023: A Celebration of Culinary Excellence!

As Mohammed Aashiq takes home the MasterChef title, the season concludes on a high note, celebrating the diverse and rich culinary talents of India.