Memes that went viral in 2023

Just Looking Like a Wow

This meme, featuring a line from a video by Jasmeen Kaur from Delhi, became extremely popular and was used by celebrities like Bollywood actors and American model Ashley Graham.

Moye Moye

Originating from a song by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora, this meme, despite its original theme about nightmares, was humorously adapted by netizens.

Elvish Bhai Meme

 A viral video of a man humorously screaming Elvish Yadav’s name gained popularity. Elvish Yadav, the winner of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, had a significant fan following.

Bhupendra Jogi

This meme features a man from Madhya Pradesh who repeatedly says his name, Bhupendra Jogi, in a unique manner, leading to widespread amusement.

The Aayein Meme

A class 6 boy from Bihar, Aditya Kumar, became an internet sensation with his perplexed expression and the word ‘Aayein’ in response to a question about his favorite subject.

Aukat Dikha Di

 This meme, expressing disappointment with an unexpected disclosure, originates from a scene in the Tamil film ‘Aayitha Ezhuthu.’

The Boys The Boys Meme

Featuring a group of friends singing the chorus of ‘Bones’ by ‘Imagine Dragons’, this meme was edited into various humorous situations.