Microsoft's AI Revolution: Windows Key Reimagined!

Discover how Microsoft is transforming the iconic Windows key into a gateway to AI with Copilot.


Goodbye Windows Key, Hello AI!

Microsoft announces a groundbreaking change, replacing the Windows/Start button with the Copilot AI key.

The Big Change

Meet Copilot: Your New AI Assistant

The new Copilot key on Windows keyboards will launch an AI-powered chatbot, offering advanced user assistance.

Copilot AI Integration

AI at Your Fingertips: A New Era of Computing

Copilot AI aims to simplify and amplify the computing experience, making AI an integral part of Windows.

Enhancing User Experience

A Sneak Peek at CES: The Future of AI PCs

Microsoft's hardware partners to showcase Windows 11 computers featuring the Copilot button at the upcoming CES conference.

Showcasing at CES

A Historic Shift in Keyboard Design

This change marks the biggest transformation of the Windows Keyboard since the addition of the Windows/Start key in 1994.

Showcasing at CES

Microsoft's Bold AI Vision for 2024

Microsoft is set to bring more AI-driven changes to Windows in 2024, reshaping how users interact with their PCs.

 Microsoft's AI Vision

Embracing the AI PC Era with Microsoft

Microsoft's integration of Copilot AI into Windows keyboards heralds a new age of AI-enhanced personal computing.