New COVID Variant Alert

With the emergence of the new COVID sub-variant JN.1 in Kerala, it's crucial to boost your immunity. Discover the secret weapon to stay protected.

New COVID Threat in India: Time to Ramp Up Your Immunity!

Rising Cases in India

As COVID cases rise in India, learn how to fortify your body's defenses against this invisible enemy.

COVID Cases Climbing: Your Best Defense Revealed!

Protect Yourself

The situation is alarming, but you're not helpless. Find out how to take proactive steps to shield yourself from the virus.

Don't Wait for COVID to Strike: Act Now!

Immunity-Boosting Kadha

Boost your immunity against any virus, including COVID, with this powerful kadha. It's your daily dose of health in a glass!

This Kadha Recipe Could Save You from COVID!

Kadha Ingredients

All you need are tulsi leaves, ginger, turmeric, peppercorns, clove, cinnamon, and water to create this potent immunity booster.

Kadha Magic: Simple Ingredients, Powerful Impact!

Kadha Preparation

Learn how to boil and prepare this health elixir. It's simple, effective, and your first line of defense against COVID.

Easy Kadha Recipe for Maximum Immunity!

Best Time to Drink Kadha

Discover the optimal time to consume this immunity-boosting kadha to maximize its benefits

Timing is Everything: When to Drink Kadha for Best Results!

Kadha Benefits

Packed with antioxidants and immunity-boosting ingredients, especially turmeric, this kadha is a boon for lung health during COVID times.

Why This Kadha is a COVID Game-Changer!


Don't wait for COVID to knock on your door. Arm yourself with this simple yet powerful kadha and take control of your health.

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