WhAt will happen to Paytm wallet?

Paytm wallet will cease to function after February 29. Users are advised to use the money in their wallets before this date or transfer it to another bank account. After February 29, wallet funds can only be used for paying electricity and telephone bills.

What will happen to Paytm payments bank account?

The Paytm payments bank will also stop functioning after February 29. Users won't be able to deposit money into the account after this date, but they can withdraw their money at any time.

Will Paytm UPI work after February 29?

It depends. If your Paytm UPI is linked to the Paytm payments bank, it will not work after February 29. However, if it's linked to another bank account, it will continue to work smoothly.

What about the status of prepaid instruments, FASTag, NCMC transit cards?

Customers will be able to use the balance available in these prepaid instruments even after February 29. However, no fresh top-ups will be allowed after that date.

What about cashbacks, interest, and refunds?

Customers will still be able to receive cashbacks, interest, and refunds credited to their wallets and Paytm payments bank accounts even after February 29.