Top 9 Essential Vastu Tips for Harmonious Home Living

Entrance Direction

osition the main entrance facing north, east, or northeast for positive energy.

Living Room Placement

Place the living room in the east, north, or northeast, with heavy furniture in the west or southwest.

Kitchen Location

Locate the kitchen in the southeast corner, ensuring the stove faces east.

Bedroom Positioning

Bedrooms should be south or southwest, with the bed head pointing south or east.

Prayer Room Vastu

The prayer room should face northeast, the Ishan corner, for auspiciousness.

Bathroom Guidelines

Bathrooms are best located in the northwest; avoid the northeast.

Windows and Doors Alignment

Have even numbers of doors and windows, aligned for smooth energy flow.

Color Scheme

Opt for light colors like white, yellow, or green for peace and prosperity.

Avoid Clutter

Keep the home, especially the center (Brahmasthan), clutter-free for positive energy flow.