Revered for its spiritual and air-purifying properties, Tulsi thrives in sunlight and well-drained soil, making it perfect for balconies or windowsills.

Tulsi: The Sacred Air-Purifier

Chinese Money Plant

A trendy plant that symbolizes wealth, the Chinese Money Plant requires bright, indirect light and slightly moist soil to flourish.

Chinese Money Plant: Symbol of Wealth

Money Plant

An easy-care vine symbolizing growth, the Money Plant is best placed in the southeast corner of your home for Vastu benefits.

Money Plant: Vastu Vine for Prosperity

Peace Lily

Ideal for bedrooms or meditation areas, the Peace Lily promotes peace and requires moderate light and occasional watering.

Peace Lily: Tranquility in Your Space

Snake Plant

With minimal watering needs and thriving in low light, the Snake Plant is known for its air-purifying qualities and protective energies.

Snake Plant: Resilient Air Purifier

African Violets

These vibrant bloomers need moderate light and slightly moist soil, perfect for adding a splash of color to tabletops or shelves.

African Violets: Colorful and Compact

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not just medicinal; it's believed to absorb harmful radiation and bring good luck, making it a must-have in any home.

Aloe Vera: The Versatile Healer

Jade Plant

This succulent symbolizes prosperity. Place it in a sunny window to enjoy its vibrant green leaves and occasional white flowers.

Jade Plant: Prosperity in a Pot

Spider Plant

Known for its air-purifying properties, the Spider Plant is ideal in a hanging basket or high shelf in bright, indirect light.

Spider Plant: Nature's Air Detoxifier


Incorporate these Vastu-approved plants into your home for not just aesthetic appeal but also for purifying the air and bringing positive energy.

Greenify Your Home with Vastu-Approved Plants