Why is there no room 13 in hotels?

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Inns, as impermanent dwelling places for explorers, offer a break, solace, and accommodation. However, it might seem impossible to miss the pattern: no room 13 in numerous hotels. This exclusion is no simple fortuitous event; it originates from the unavoidable feeling of dread toward the number 13 and its relationship with misfortune and bad luck. In this article, we dive into the fascinating question of why hotels do not have Room 13.

The fear of number 13, or “triskaidekaphobia,” has old roots, with its starting points trapped in the legends and convictions of different societies and civilizations. Across time, the number 13 has been seen as a sign of an incident, a harbinger of sick karma. This notion has had a significant impact, molding cultural traditions, including structural practices and, quite recently, lodging numbering.

The fear of number 13 has been related to stories in various societies. In Norse folklore, the number 13 is connected to the lamentable get-together of divine beings at a dinner in Valhalla, where Loki, the prankster god, entryway crashed as the thirteenth visitor, planting tumult and fiasco. In Christianity, the Last Dinner is an original occasion, including Jesus and his 12 devotees, adding up to a total of 13 people. This affiliation is especially dismal, as Judas Iscariot, one of the devotees, purportedly double-crossed Jesus following this dinner, prompting the execution. Thus, the number 13 came to represent treachery.

The odd fear of the number 13 has penetrated the cordiality business, driving numerous hotels to avoid Room 13. This training, however not general, is sufficiently pervasive to warrant assessment. Lodgings attempt this exclusion regarding visitors who might be helpless to odd notions. Their essential point is to create a peaceful and effortless climate without worrying about misfortune. By shunning Room 13, lodgings desire to guarantee that all supporters have a wonderful and tranquil stay. Moreover, room numbering choices can be impacted by structural contemplations. Some floor designs might bring about an odd number of rooms, making it unrealistic to have a Room 13 without significant format modifications.


Surprisingly, certain lodgings have changed the shortfall of Room 13 into a showcasing opportunity. They energetically embrace the notion by offering extraordinary advancements and encounters in Room 13 at whatever point it exists. These motivations might incorporate limits, free conveniences, or themed designs that exploit the thoughts of karma and odd notions.

All in all, the shortfall of Room 13 in hotels overall is a fascinating demonstration of the getting through force of odd notions in our way of life.  In the world of hospitality, the absence of Room 13 stands as a curious reminder of humanity’s enduring superstitions. Whether born from ancient legends or contemporary marketing strategies, the practice reflects our complex relationship with beliefs and traditions, offering a glimpse into the fascinating tapestry of human culture and perception.



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