Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Workforce?

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Workforce

This question has been in the mind of the entire world. No doubt Artificial Intelligence is a very strong technology but will it ever replace humans? Let’s discuss.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence into machines and software. After the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology boomed in the world and entered numerous industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and the IT sector. AI is designed and programmed by machine learning and is fed a huge chunk of data so that it is capable to operate on its own. 

Will AI replace human jobs?

You must have heard this statement in the news very much but how much of this is true? Well, AI has the potential to replace human jobs but not entirely. Professions like Content Writing were being told that their work can easily be replaced by ChatGpt now. But tell me one thing, will ChatGpt be able to write content relating to your audience in the current time? NO. AI-written content doesn’t help in your website’s SEO since Google’s BOT still acknowledges human-generated content for ranking the websites. There is a significant difference between AI-generated content and human-written content. 


Talking about other industries like healthcare, AI will help you in diagnosing a patient but you cannot rely on AI for heart surgery. In the manufacturing sector, AI machines will perform the job for you but in the end, machines also need maintenance and overlooking from time to time. Similarly, human personnel is required to manage AI software and machines because, in the end, it is a TECHNOLOGY that can glitch at any time. 

Why AI will never replace humans?

AI is a technology and over the years, AI has assisted humans in doing work. You will be amazed to know that every employer now needs AI-free content for his clients or his website. Artificial Intelligence has the power to help humans by assisting with their work and reducing their on-the-job time but managing that technology simultaneously is equally important. Let’s say in the manufacturing sector, you cannot leave an AI-simulated machine running overnight. You will have human personnel besides it to overlook the work.


Recently. Shivam Malik posted an article about the Google’AI tool which is set to bring a revolution in the field of healthcare. This AI tool is set to provide imaging and diagnostics of the patient and then provide the same to the doctors for a prescription. Let me ask you a question here. If there is an AI tool for prescriptions as well, will humans accept it?  I believe the answer is NO here. 


Technology is developed to assist humans in their work and reduce their workload. Coming to the basic points, tech devices or software will always be managed by humans in the end. So, it’s time to bring a change in this mindset and use technology for our aid. 

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