Xbox Update Enables Game Streaming to Discord

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Microsoft is all set to roll out an amazing update in the month of September to Xbox. Xbox has been an amazing video gaming console for all the gamers out there. As a gamer, there are many occasions on which you might want to invite your friends for a game or do an online stream while you are playing. 

About Xbox Update

In order to improve the capability of Xbox users over different platforms, Microsoft has decided to release this update where you can now stream your online gaming within a voice channel to your friends on Discord. Along with this online streaming you will get an additional option for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) to xbox consoles. VRR allows your TV or Monitor to adjust its refresh rate according to the game’s frame rate. You can adjust the settings of VRR for an ultra smooth gaming experience using the TV & Display Options Menu under the  Settings button on the xbox. 

How to connect to Discord from Xbox Console?

In order to take full advantage of this update, first you need to link your Discord account to your Xbox console. After the successful connection, press the xbox button on your controller and to Parties & Chats Window to select the Discord Option. Proceeding this process, scroll through your servers, select a voice channel to display your game. Voila, your connection is successful now and you have a seamless experience of your online game streaming. 

UI changes in the Xbox Update

Wishlist notifications can now be customized and the rewards tab has been reconditioned. Under the My Rewards Tab, you can now avail rewards and xbox game pass quests.  You can now ask a friend to join the game by clicking on “ask to join game” under their profile. These UI updates will elevate your gaming experience on the Xbox and on the plus side, now your  friends will also enjoy this experience with you while making it a fun one. You can now plan game nights with your friends living far from you and have a smooth,fun experience in playing with them. 

Hardware changes in the Xbox Update

With this hardware change, now you don’t have to leave his seat to connect a new device to the Xbox. All you need to do is put the new device into pair mode and then choose the “Connect a Device” option under the accessory option of the settings menu. Using the traditional method of pairing means that you will have to leave your game chair, reach the console and then pair a new device. Now, this new method is much simpler and will only take a few minutes out of your game. 

Xbox PC Application Upgrade

The Xbox PC app has also received an upgrade. The specs of the game should now load faster, enabling faster installation of the game on the Xbox. Different types of fonts, button styles and animation have been added. You can now do a quick filtration on the games depending on whether you own them, whether they have been installed, or whether they are available on the Game Pass or Not. The entire list of app updates is now present on the official website of Xbox

Game Streaming to Discord

This massive upgrade will be loved by many video game lovers, since it provides them with an opportunity to connect two things that they love the most, DISCORD and XBOX. Playing in the company of your friends, with the show off for the character build, motivation to cross a difficult level in a complex game will now be successful with this new xbox update to stream online games.

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